15 Mind Blowing Facts About Succulents

So, you’re interested in succulents. Good choice! They are a hardy plant that comes in a ton of different colors, sizes, and shapes. In addition, they’re easy to care for and look great almost anywhere.

Before you start your own succulent garden, why not get acquainted with these unique plants? Here are 15 crazy facts about them.

1. Succulents are resistant to pests

For the most part, succulents are completely pest resistant. You may find the occasional hungry aphid on your succulents but that’s a rare occurrence.

2. The sizes of succulent leaves have meaning

In general, the smaller the leaves are of a succulent plant, the higher elevation at which the plant grows. This means that large leaved succulents are grown at lower elevations and smaller leaved succulents at higher elevations such as on the tops of mountains.

3. 1,300 species of succulents are cacti

Cacti are a type of succulent and all cacti are succulents. In addition, 1,300 of the known succulent species are cacti. This being said, not all succulents are cacti.

4. Succulents can be found in every color of the rainbow

Most succulents are green. However, they can be found in a range of colors including pink, blue, purple, and red!

5. Succulents can do dormant

Succulents, like many other plants, have the ability to go dormant. They do this during the winter.

6. Succulents are ideal for keeping the air clean

You may have heard the rumor that succulents are good for air quality. If you have, you’ll be happy to know that this rumor is indeed true. Succulents are great for removing toxins from the air in the home.

7. There are succulents that can survive in the snow

Despite the fact that most succulents are warm-weather plants, there are some species that can survive harsh winters and snowy conditions.

8. Some succulents are used for medicine

There are certain succulents that can be and are used as medicine. One such type is the aloe vera plant, which is often used for burns and skin abrasions.

9. Succulents can be eaten

There are a handful of succulent species that are edible. These species are often grilled, boiled, juiced, or mashed.

10. Coffee grounds are a good succulent fertilizer

One cheap way to fertilize your succulents is by mixing coffee grounds into their substrate. The roots of the plant will absorb the nutrients.

11. Succulents can be planted together

Succulent pots can contain more than one succulent. In addition, each pot can contain more than one kind of succulent as long as both plants have similar care requirements.

12. Succulents can go months without water

Depending on which type of succulent we’re talking about, it will be able to go 103 months without being watered.

13. Healthy succulents will only shed their bottom leaves

Like any other plant, succulents shed their leaves throughout the year. However, succulents will generally only shed their bottom most leaves; if a succulent sheds its top leaves this could signal disease, overwatering, or pests.

14. Not all succulents flower

Many succulents bloom and grow flowers. Sometimes, this takes years but other times, succulents don’t flower at all. This is dependant on the species of succulent.

15. Succulents can be toxic

While some species are used for medicine, other species are toxic. These succulents can cause skin irritation in humans and sickness in animals.

There we have it – 15 interesting facts about succulents! With any luck, you’ve learned something new and grown a new appreciation for this unique type of plant.

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