Award Winners

Distinguished Service Awards
Recognises individuals who have contributed outstanding service to IAEF/ICEF

o Professor Michael Ngadi
o Professor Keshavan Niranjan
o Professor R. Paul Singh
o Dr Sebastien Villeneuve

ICEF13 Best Oral Awards sponsored by The University of Queensland
Recognises the top three best oral presentations

o First place: Dr Olivier Vitrac
o Second place: Professor Alexander Mathys
o Third place: Ms Andrea Katherine Pallares Pallares

ICEF13 Best Poster Awards sponsored by RMIT University
Recognises the top three best poster presentations

o First place: Dr Sergiy Smetana
o Second place: Mr Nicolás Alfredo Troncoso León
o Third place: Dr Suyong Lee

IAEF Lifetime Achievement Awards
Recognises outstanding contribution to the food engineering profession

o Professor Osvaldo H. Campanella
o Dr Hongda Chen
o Professor Ashim Datta
o Professor Sundaram Gunasekaran
o Professor Gustavo Fidel Gutiérrez-López
o Professor Mukund Karwe
o Professor Osato Miyawaki
o Professor Minh Nguyen
o Dr Janet Paterson
o Professor Syed S.H. Rizvi
o Mr Jay Sellahewa
o Professor Kenneth R. Swartzel
o Professor Juming Tang

International Food Engineering Award presented by ASABE
Honours and recognises food engineering professionals from all parts of the world, who have made significant engineering contributions in research, development or design of food processes significant to the food industry; and in outstanding leadership, management or education to advance the food engineering profession

o 2016 – Professor Gustavo Barbosa-Canovas
o 2017 – Professor Yrjo H. Roos
o 2018 – Professor Vijaya Raghavan
o 2019 – Professor Yanbin Li

Nestlé Young Scientist Award
Recognises excellence of scientists in the early stage of their careers in food science and engineering

o Mr Lutz Grossmann
o Dr Deniz Turan Kunter

SCI Seligman APV Award
Designed to support the career development of PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and industrial researchers, by helping them to broaden their vision and share cutting-edge knowledge at international conferences or laboratory visits

o Dr Bhupendra M Ghodki
o Dr SzeYing Leong
o Dr Jeyan Moses
o Mr Patrick Wittek

Young Food Engineer Award provided by Elsevier’s Journal of Food Engineering
Recognises an individual who has demonstrated high quality scientific and/or industrial productivity, evidence of leadership and acting as an inspirational role model

o Dr Rebecca Milczarek