Dr Lana Zivanovic

Presentation: Paving the way to market for proteins from alternative sources

Lana Zivanovic is Global Innovation Protein Program Director at Mars Petcare. She holds a BSc in Food Engineering, MSc in Food Biotechnology, and PhD in Applied Biochemistry. Prior to joining Mars Inc., Lana was a Professor of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry at Food Science Department at University of Tennessee (2001- 2015) and served as a Senior Adviser to the Minister of Agriculture in the Republic of Serbia (2013/14). During her academic tenure, Lana’s research was funded by the USDA, USEPA, USDOE, USDOD, USAID, NASA, and the food industry. Lana joined Mars Petcare in 2015 to lead the Applied Science program focused on finding practical and sustainable solutions for global protein supply.