Dr Silvia Estrada-Flores

Presentation: Resolving conflicting drivers in global food security through agri-food innovation

Silvia Estrada-Flores is Principal Consultant and founder of Food Chain Intelligence, a niche consultancy firm that specializes in the application and evaluation of innovative technology in agri-food chains. Her latest project deals with the market case for the use of solar irrigation in Tanzania. Silvia holds a BSc (Food Eng) from the National University of Mexico and a PhD from Massey University (New Zealand). She has held senior roles in CSIRO, Plant & Food Research NZ, Mabe/General Electric, Bayer CropScience and Food South Australia. Silvia has authored over 40 commercial reports and several book chapters, scientific articles and trade articles.

Tell us about your current role:
Food Chain Intelligence (FCI) is a niche consultancy firm specialising in agri-food supply chains. Silvia Estrada-Flores is Principal Consultant and founder. She has strong technical and business qualifications with over 20 years of experience in agri-food chains, refrigerated storage and transport systems, post-harvest, and competitive/technical intelligence. Silvia has proven ability to detect potential improvements and develop innovative solutions to enhance cool/cold chain performance. She has worked with agricultural suppliers, logistics providers, growers and food manufacturers in Australia, Mexico and South East Asia.

Silvia holds a Bachelor in Science (Food Eng) from the National University of Mexico and a PhD from Massey University (New Zealand). Her PhD studies focused on the development of mathematical models for refrigeration system components.
In addition to her technical degrees, Silvia also holds a Graduate Certificate Diploma (Food Business Management) from Monash University (Australia) and she is currently enrolled in the Master of Agribusiness program (online mode) at the University of Melbourne.

Why do you love what you do?
I love the variety of projects that I am involved with. I have been lucky enough to participate in international projects that deal with the introduction of new agri-food technologies, in regions where there are many other pressing concerns. Therefore, the environment is quite challenging and I love a challenge! Being able to contribute to the advancement of science and technology in the agricultural and food industries is very fulfilling.

How would you sum up your approach to engineering in three words?

What can delegates expect to hear from you?
The audience will hear me talking about the many conflicting drivers in supply chains aiming to increase food security. We will discuss the technical aspects of designing and optimising these type of chains, knowing that there will be trade-offs between the many objectives that modern food systems must contemplate. These include environmental, inclusiveness, resilience, financial and nutrition-sensitive goals.

What are you most looking forward to at ICEF13?
Exchanging ideas with researchers from all around the globe, saying hello to old friends and meeting new ones!

Your Twitter handle: @FoodIdeator
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/silviaestradaflores/
Article links to publications you have made: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Silvia_Estrada-Flores2.