Flavourtech is an Australian company who are world leaders in the development, design and manufacture of thin-film, spinning cone technologies for aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation applications. Their expertise allows turn-key solutions to be implemented in the food and beverage industry leading to higher quality products and streamlined processes resulting in higher market share and lower costs of production. The primary advantages of their technologies include:
1. The protection of heat sensitive products
2. Easy handling of highly viscous products and slurries
3. Desired product characteristics are maintained
4. Automated and continuous systems

Applications include:
1. Natural flavour extraction from tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables
2. Production of Instant and Ready To Drink Tea and Coffee
3. Dealcoholisation for the production of low and zero alcohol beer and wine
4. Concentration of bioactive ingredients in the Nutraceutical/Pharmaceutical markets
5. Deodorisation of dairy products

Flavourtech’s products include the:
1. Spinning Cone Column (SCC) – aroma recovery, flavour management and extraction
2. Centritherm® evaporator – thin-film evaporator with extremely low thermal impact
3. Integrated Extraction System (IES) – automated processing line for tea & coffee
4. Rotating Disc Column (RDC) – extraction column that allows temperature, pressure and residence time to be precisely controlled

Website: http://flavourtech.com/