Heat and Control Pty Ltd

Heat and Control offer the latest technology and excellence in food processing and packaging solutions. Heat and Control’s extensive range of equipment achieves productivity, flexibility and accuracy in the competitive food processing environment.

Tailored to application and product specifications, Heat and Control have manufactured and serviced food processing and packaging equipment for over 65 years. We specialise in supplying our customers with system solutions for baked and fried snacks, French fries, vegetables, meats, poultry, industrial and commercial products, product handling and packaging systems.

With over 30 locations worldwide, Heat and Control support our customers with locally based manufacturing, engineering and product development, along with field service, parts, sales and training services.

Heat and Control’s total systems approach to food processing offers customised solutions, enabling our customers to reach their distinctive goals and benefit from the consistency and reliability of quality equipment.

For more information on Heat and Control, visit www.heatandcontrol.com

Website: www.heatandcontrol.com