PlasmaLeap Technologies

PlasmaLeap Technologies provides highly controlled atmospheric cold plasma systems for biological and catalytic reactions. ‘Leap100’ was developed to offer the maximum variability of plasma conditions with control of processing time to the second making our technology completely unique in market. Our systems can run pin-to-plate, DBD, plasma jets and plasma water reactors.

Technology features include:
• Operates over large areas and discharge gaps even for atmospheric air or MAP gases
• Does not require the need for noble gasses to operate, significantly reducing operational costs with only atmospheric air required
• Offers the ability to treat 96 well plates for data rich experiments and rapid screening
• Digital and touch screen control over operational variables which may be changed during operation. Such smart design facilitates ease of use for non-experts, improves user experience and overall aesthetics.

Food & Agri applications include:
• Microbial decontamination
• Shelf-life extension
• Packaging modification
• Starch & powder modification
• Biomass conversion and compound extraction
• Seed growth enhancement
• Algae growth & control
• Odour control
• Plasma 3D printing