SONOSYS Ultrasonic / Megasonic

Mastering nanoClean together is the leading motto of SONOSYS®.

The company was founded 1995 by Johann Brunner and Joachim Straka. As first European company in the global market we provide ultrasonic cleaning systems in the frequency range from 400 kHz to

5 MHz. SONOSYS® products are used in different markets (e. g. Semiconductor industry, Food industry, Optical industry, Solar Cells and Sonochemistry) and for various applications.

Existing strengths are merged in close partnerships and complementary skills are converted into synergistic benefits. For example, together with our Australian research partner CSIRO, we could increase significantly the output during the oil production, by using our special transducer technology with a certain frequency. Further fields of applications in the food industry will be developed together with our research partner.

Very high quality standards and customer orientation made it possible to establish the position as a world class player. Customers all over the world appreciate our special know-how and top performance. SONOSYS® has many years of experience and specialist knowledge for development, production and sale of innovative technologies. The most important objective is always to offer the customer the maximum benefit.