Fluid Air

Fluid Air is a division of Spraying Systems Co. the world leader in spray nozzle technology. Spraying Systems Co. was founded in 1937 and has established its leadership through the development of its extensive global sales force, its global manufacturing capabilities, including twelve manufacturing plants worldwide, and its innovative, solution-oriented approach toward customers.

Founded in 1983, Fluid Air Inc. specialises in solid dosage technology. Fluid Air has always excelled in its ability to develop quality and robust products tailored to its customers’ needs. Fluid Air now has a strong international presence with best-in-class global service. With an aggressive will to develop new and innovative technology, Fluid Air continues to push the boundaries of what is possible and always aims to satisfy the customer.

Fluid Air has over three decades of experience in oral solid dosage specialising in a range of powder processing technologies, including: particle size reduction, drying, top spray granulation, Wurster coating, high shear granulation, dry blending, and PolarDry® electrostatic spray drying.

The patent-pending PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryer utilises revolutionary electrostatic technology, which drives water or solvent to the outside of the atomised droplets and solids to the core, lowering the required evaporation temperature and eliminating active ingredient loss, degradation, or denaturalisation.

Website: http://www.fluidairinc.com/au/index.html