Unifiller Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

Founded over 30 years ago, Unifiller, a global leading supplier, designs and manufactures processing and portioning equipment to bakeries and food plants worldwide.

We design and manufacture:

• Single & Multi piston Depositors
• Transfer Pumps
• Food filling machines
• Cake & cupcake decorating equipment
• Icing machines/equipment
• Pastry machines/fillers
• Cookie machines/equipment
• Automated and semi-automated

We help streamline your production operations by providing solutions for achieving higher output, greater weight accuracy and better product integrity with an extensive range of single piston depositors, transfer pumps, multiple head units and fully and semi-automated production systems.

Some of the benefits of our highly reliable and versatile machines include:

• Minimal training required
• Accuracy and speed
• Systems for new market trends
• Tool-Free design
• Easy To disassemble and clean
• Durable Stainless Steel design
• Hundreds of available accessories

Website: www.unifiller.com